Singlethread 2018 Whitepaper

Low Hanging Fruit in the Service Department

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Service retention is critical to dealership profitability. But customers have been conditioned to expect poor communication, long wait times, high-pressure sales tactics, and expensive pricing from dealership service departments. These perceptions work against dealers who try to generate long-term loyalty and customer-pay revenue, as do the realities of dealership operations: The standard for communication with customers has historically been poor, and customers who call for updates during busy times will find it difficult to reach their service advisor. Any delay in the process can undo the dealership’s commitment to fix the car in the time quoted. All these factors contribute to a poor customer experience that directly impacts loyalty. Changing these long-held perceptions may seem impossible, but there is good news: There are easy ways to solve some of the biggest challenges to delivering the type of service department experience today’s consumer demands.

Singlethread is a customer- and internal-communication platform designed specifically for auto dealers. Singlethread allows service advisors to text customers and chat internally with service technicians and other co-workers — all from whichever device they chose — accelerating the process and creating a more efficient team environment.

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