Internal Chat

Team communication, simplified.

Improve Team Communication

Internal Chat helps your team communicate faster, making you more productive, less stressed, and creating an environment that customers will love. Quiet the obtrusive over-head paging system that annoys customers. Quickly send a message to a teammate, get a reply, and move on.

dealership chat
dealership chat
More Effective Than Email

Sending an email that no one checks is a waste of time. Internal chat is integrated into Singlethread so your team gets the message in an instant.

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Group Chat

Hold a meeting, request a porter, ask for an available tech - the possibilities are endless. Group together your team, communicate, and move on.

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Private Chat

Discuss an RO, a challenging customer, or just about anything privately between two parties.

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Real-time Notifications

With real-time notifications keeping you current on any internal communicatons, your team will be in-the-know all the time.

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Seamless Integration

Chat with your team without leaving Singlethread. Keep tabs on customers and your team all in one view.

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Free with Product Packages

The more people you have using Singlethread, the more you'll love Internal Chat. Contact us for details.

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Internal and External Communication - All in one view

Poor communication can be a major bottleneck to the number of vehicles you service, negatively impact the customer experience, and ultimately cost you money. With Singlethread, you have the power to quickly communicate with employees and customers, all in one seamless view.

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Text Messaging

The industry leader. Solve communication problems, improve satisfaction, and reduce stress. Explore

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Digital Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle inspections for the mobile-first world. Fast for techs, easy for advisors, and mobile for customers. Explore

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Mobile Payments

Securely capture payments from customer's mobile device directly to your merchant account, with no additional fees. Explore

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Customer Follow Up

Automate your customer follow-up and monitor it with real-time notifications. Explore

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