Text Messaging

The new standard for customer communication.

Simplify your service department

Singlethread is the easiest text messaging tool in the automotive industry. It simplifies communication with customers, shortens the vehicle repair cycle, and helps you sell more hours per RO.

Certified DMS Integration

Certified, real-time DMS Integration saves service advisors time by eliminating duplicate data entry.

Automatic Text Messages

With A.I. working behind the scenes, Singlethread can automatically deliver text messages keep all of your customers updated.

Mobile Payments

Singlethread is the only provider that integrates mobile payments to your existing merchant account with no additional fees.

Pictures and Videos In a Snap

There's nothing like a picture or video to help a customer understand the extent of their repairs. With Singlethread's mobile app, you can effortlessly send pictures and videos of the vehicle to the customer.

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Long Term Storage

Data storage in Singlethread is unlimited. Shoot as much as you need and Singlethread will store all of your media indefintely so you never lose a file.


Singlethread makes video simple. Open Singlethread on any device, shoot a video, press send. That's it.


30 seconds to one minute is all it takes to show a customer what's broken and why their safety and comfort depends on fixing this issue.

It's Seamless with Singlethread

Singlethread's modules integrate in a seamless design. Start working on your desktop and continue on your mobile. Quickly update a customer with a Text, send an video in an instant, and capture payments with Mobile Payments. Get in, get out, get on with your day.

Digital Vehicle Inspections

Revenue generating picture & video. Fast for techs, easy for advisors, and mobile for customers. Explore

Mobile Payments

Securely capture payments from customer's mobile device directly to your merchant account, with no additional fees. Explore

Team Chat

Faster team communication, improved shop flow, and more serviced vehicles. Explore

Customer Follow-Up

Automate your customer follow-up and monitor it with real-time notifications. Explore