Digital Vehicle Inspections

Easily transition from paper to digital with Singlethread.

Digital Vehicle Inspections

Singlethread Digital Vehicle Inspections eliminates grease-stained paper forms and captures picture and video inspections that boost customer confidence and help you sell more customer pay work.

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mobile inspection
Acheive 100% Inspection Rate

Singlethread easily identifies if techs are completing inspections and if advisors are delivering them to put an end to the age-old MPI dispute once and for all.

fast inspection
Service More Vehicles

Techs complete inspections in minutes and Advisors quote just as quickly to deliver inspection results to customers in an instant.

team inspection
Sell More Per Repair Order

The quick quoting in Singlethread is so easy you'll be on your way to 100% presentation, 100% of the time.

High-Definition Pictures & Video

There's nothing like a picture or video to help a customer understand the extent of the necessary repairs. With Singlethread you can effortlessly take pictures and videos directly from the technicians bay. And with Singlethread's real-time collaboration tools you'll know in real-time when a picture or video is ready to send to a customer.

Boost Reputation

Sharp, high definition pictures and video delivered via text message increase transparency and put customers at ease providing your reputation a helpful boost.

Protect Yourself

Singlethread makes it easy to document the condition of the vehicle prior to being in the dealership's care to reduce your risk.

Long Term Storage

Singlethread stores all of your media for you so you can easily find pictures and videos at any point in the future.

Service More Vehicles with Team Collaboration

Singlethread saves your team time by integrating team collaboration tools directly into the system. Share videos before sending them to the customer, make your team aware of a customer request, or just quickly chat with your team on the fly. Details

mobile inspection
Share Videos, Pictures, Notes

Make sure your multi-media is 'customer friendly' before sending it to the customer.

fast inspection
Push Notifications

Download the Singlethread app and stay in touch with your team on the fly.

team inspection
Parts Pricing & Availability

Check with parts team in a matter of clicks to see if a part is in stock.

Endless Partnership Opportunities

With multiple data-delivery options, partnering with Singlethread and it's dealers can generate leads, follow-up activities, shape marketing plans - the opportunities are endless.

OEM Business Intelligence

Capture a real-time data stream from your dealers directly to your systems. Contact us and see how Singlethread can help you execute on your opportunities.

Digital and Traditional Marketing

Implement a truly data-driven marketing approach. Laser-focus your marketing effort by delivering targeted messaging directly to customers in the market.

Dealership Process Optimizaton

Optimize your process for revenue, customer satisfaction, and employee retention with APC best-in-class process consulting.

The Singlethread Workflow

You're always seconds away from completing your next task in Singlethread. Text, Inspections, Mobile Pay, Chat, Customer Feedback - all within a click. See how with a Live Demo.

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