Mobile Pay

Get your customers in, out, and on their way.

Capture Payments from Anywhere

Customers love the flexibility and convenience of mobile payments at retailers worldwide. Singlethread brings that same great experience to your service department. Eliminate the frustrating line-up at the cashier and help advisors self-cashier with ease.

mobile pay
mobile pay
Keep Your Merchant

Changes in the office are difficult. That's why with Singlethread, we don't force you to change merchants. You keep your existing merchant account and we'll securely integrate to them.

secure mobile pay
Office Staff Access

The office staff needs quick access and visibility into mobile payments. Singlethread automatically notifies office staff so payment reconciliation is simple.


Prefer a paper trail rather than electronic? Singlethread generates receipts and payment confirmations to create a paper audit trail, should you want it.

reduce id theft
Reduce Identity Theft Risk

With mobile pay, the dealership is never exposed to a customers credit card number adding security to your department and convenience for the customer.


Singlethread uses highly secure partners and encryption to securely process payments for you and your customers.

Customizable Automation

Cutomize Singlethread to automatically invoice your customers to give every customer the flexibility to pay via mobile.

singlethread platform

It's All Included

Text, Inspections, Mobile Pay, Chat, Customer Follow Up - all within a click. See how with a Live Demo.

text messaging

The industry leader. Solve communication problems, improve satisfaction, and reduce stress. Explore

vehicle inspections

Vehicle inspections for the mobile-first world. Fast for techs, easy for advisors, and mobile for customers. Explore


Faster team communication, improved shop flow, and more serviced vehicles. Explore

follow up

Automate your customer follow-up and monitor it with real-time notifications. Explore

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See how Singlethread can help you gain control of your service department.