Dealership Training

Cost Effective Training from Proven Leaders

Implement a Proven Process

Singlethread helps you develop staff and implement a process based on modern technology that drives customer satisfaction and generates revenue.

No Data Entry Required

Do you spend more time pulling data for your consultant than learning from your consultant? Singlethread uses our automatically generated reports to customize your training program.

On-Site Team

Singlethread works side-by-side with your team to customize a process to fit your specific needs.


With decades of industry experience, Singlethread has likely encountered the situation you are trying to remedy.

It's Seamless with Singlethread

Singlethread's modules integrate in a seamless design. Start working on your desktop and continue on your mobile. Quickly update a customer with a Text, send an video in an instant, and capture payments with Mobile Payments. Get in, get out, get on with your day.

Digital Vehicle Inspections

Revenue generating picture & video. Fast for techs, easy for advisors, and mobile for customers. Explore

Text Messaging

The industry leader. Solve communication problems, improve satisfaction, and reduce stress. Explore

Mobile Payments

Securely capture payments from customer's mobile device directly to your merchant account, with no additional fees. Explore

Customer Follow-Up

Automate your customer follow-up and monitor it with real-time notifications. Explore