Dealership Training

by Automotive Process Champions

A Proven Partner

Automotive Process Champions helps you define and implement dealership-wide processes that leverage modern technology to drive customer satisfaction. APC's data-driven approach helps you reduce employee turnover and generate revenue.

Exclusive Data Access

APC enjoys exclusive Singlethread-data access so you spend less time generating reports and more time creating results.

On-Site Team

APC works hand-in-hand with your team to customize a process to fit your specific needs.


With decades of industry experience, APC has likely encountered the situation you are trying to remedy and has a process-driven way to solve it.


APC has helped countless dealers sell and service more cars while retaining and developing staff.


APC customizes each training package for your needs. APC can provide individualized coaching and management level instruction at the pace you need.

Entire Dealership

Sales, service, internet, and all of the above - APC can help optimize your entire dealership.

Live Demo

See how Singlethread can help you gain control of your service department.